A Proactive Passion for Property

Founded in 1991 by Mike Nixon and the late Chris Drummond, New Property Ventures has become an established commercial property owner and developer based in Cape Town. Now solely owned by the Nixon family, their proactive passion for property has seen the company’s 15-year track record characterised by success and innovation in the fields of property development, investment and management.


NPV is unique in that it is wholly owned and financed by its single shareholder, the Nixon family. This makes decision-making simple and fast. NPV has repeatedly re-invested development profits from its green field projects to build up its commercial property portfolio.

Planning and diligent analysis of the development or investment prospect is one of the key strengths of NPV. Using a combination of the directors’ complementary skills in building construction, project management and financial fields, every project is individually analysed, as each situation is unique, both geographically and in terms of infrastructure.

Innovation, lateral thinking and implementation are key strategic strengths. Solutions and there sustainability are paramount. As long-term owners, NPV prefers investment and development planning that can be practically delivered for their own account, and benefit and does not act as consultants or agents for other enterprises.


To occupy a unique niche within the property market – taking on investment and development projects that are too large for private individuals or syndicates, or too complicated for traditional property institutions and funds to deal with. This niche leads to property ‘problem children’ being tackled and completely redesigned and developed around a sustainable long-term commercial model.

NPV aims to organically grow both its development projects and commercial portfolio on a sustainable basis, and aims to be one of the pre-eminent family-owned/managed property companies based in Cape Town.


These include a owner-managed commercial property investment portfolio of over R1.2 billion that performs exceptionally, providing cash flow for growth.

Kingsley Holgate Foundation
Kingsley Holgate Foundation

Central to NPV's social responsibility is its role as trustee, benefactor and participation in the Kingsley Holgate Foundation, which directly carries out humanitarian projects throughout Africa. For more information please click the above image.


CIDC (Claremont Improvement District Company) is initiated by businesses in Claremont to ‘top up’ various services provided by the City Council. Mike Nixon is on the CIDC board of directors.